Durham Fly Fishers Grayling Day 13 October 2012

15 Oct

A few Grayling Society and Durham Fly Fisher stalwarts…..Peter, John, Paul, Mike & myself ventured out on a high river Tees on Saturday to chase our Autumn Ladies. Meeting up for coffees and breakfast at Piercebrige we headed to a beat on the Tees which a few of us are members but which Paul had arranged access & tickets for non Members.

The river was still quite high and carrying a bit colour but had dropped over a foot and it was more with hope than expectation we geared up and went fishing. The sun was out and warm ……. a lovely Autumn day….one of those day’s when you are glad to be out on a river.

Mike took his 13 footer to have a bash for a salmon while John & Peter had a go czech nymphing /shortlining in what is usually a good hole for grayling. It was never going to be easy and if we managed a fish between us we would have called that a success. However bugging .. resulted in a BIG Zero. I decided to fish the edges with a blind dry and headed upstream One or two Olives were coming off and in a bit of slack water opposite a salmon angler…I had a rise to my fly !!. Any way 40 minutes later I had managed 4 grayling and 2 trout.

The man in Camo on the other bank offered his congratulations….he was supposed to be entering a grayling day but it had been cancelled ?????……. Alan…is that you !!!!!!    Ha Ha.

John and Peter both managed a couple of grayling on dries as well while Paul & Mike ghillied 

So on what was a tough day we managed 8 grayling between us…..not bad at all on a tough high river. It just goes to show….grab your opportunities when you can. We all learned something as well and the craic was good which altogether made for a great day.

Thanks Paul for arranging…..here’s looking forward to another day out soon…..possibly the Swale???….but open to suggestions from Members?????




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